Hurricane Irma sharks – Latest Updates

Hurricane Irma has sharks - Latest Updates
Written by Chris M Jordan

After the huge level of destruction and devastation that Irma has caused, it is now heard that Hurricane Irma sharks are seen in the image taken from above the sea in the water.

People are getting horrified as if all this destruction was not enough already, now the sharks are coming with water!

Due to the presence of Hurricane Irma sharks, it’s being called SHARKNADO!

Hurricane Irma has hit the US on the western shore recently. First, it emerged in the Caribbean and then the storm started to make its progress towards the Florida state where it has hugely hit the Florida Keys and has claimed lives and assets of many so far.

It is been declared by the weather regulation authorities that Irma is by far the worst and most catastrophic hurricanes in the history of the US, more disastrous than its predecessor Hurricane Harvey that struck the shores of Texas not far away than 20 days.

The situation of the storm got worst on the weekend where the winds went higher and the never-ending rains took the form of the flood.

Hurricane Irma sharks

Now with the news of sharks in Irma, a state of certain panic has cast over the whole peninsula as the people of US are known to the hurricanes and storms from the past but these sharks are now making it something terrible and horror filled.

In the beginning, the hurricane was said to be of category 3 but with the passage of time it got stronger and now it has entered the category 4 of the hurricanes and storms.

The government of the US has evacuated the most parts where the storm is likely to hit. People have been moved safely to the shelters and everyone is praying for this outrageous storm to pass. The complete evacuation of the western cities at Texas shores during the Hurricane Harvey was a great success for the Trump government. Let’s hope that the same results are achieved for this time as well.

Irma is known to have the combination of tornados reaching skies, flood, and heavy rainfall, with sea surge as high as 15feet the height of a house.

People have lost lives as well. Till now the death toll has reached 150 while the loss of the property and assets cannot be counted so far. People are running for their lives, sobbing at the loss of their homes while seeking shelter in some higher places.

It is like all this distraction was not enough that the Hurricane Irma sharks are now known to have sharks. Yes, real big deadly sharks.

Images of the sharks swimming on the streets of Houston have gone viral and have increased the state on panic in the people.

Been struck by the hurricane itself, getting your home and property washed off with the flow of water and living already in the shelter, something to haunt you all day would be seeing a shark attacking you!

We hope for the best for the people of Florida!

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