Contemporary Vaginoplasty Technique:

Contemporary Vaginoplasty Technique:
Written by Chris M Jordan

Vaginoplasty is a genitoplasty type that is aimed at the reshaping and tightening of the vagina. Deformity in vaginal shape may be resulted due to the child birth, aging or after some surgery of the vaginal canal. Other factors responsible of vaginal deformation can be inbred disorders like adrenal hyperplasia. All these factors contribute to the deformation of the vagina and the loosening of the vaginal canal. It ultimately results in the loss of sensitivity and thereby ruining the normal function and sex lives for women. Cirurgia intima not only restores the lost shape and function of the vagina but also helps to get rid of malignancy, correction of vaginal prolapse and treatment of protruding rectum and uterine into the vagina.

With aging and after childbirth the vagina goes through massive alterations. The results are never positive for women but the professional Vaginoplasty can give women their original and young bodies with their genitals restored and reformed.

Vaginoplasty Surgical Procedure:

Vaginoplasty is a reconstructive surgery as it is aimed to improve the function of a body part. Vaginoplasty resolves issues of the malformed vagina when a vagina is too small or completely absent. It will ensure a healthy social and sexual life of a lady. Vaginal rejuvenation involves a set of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries that not only reset the functions of the vagina but also award self-esteem and confidence to the women.

The vaginal rejuvenation involves various surgical procedures each targeting a specific part of the vagina. Some are aimed at the vulva, some at clitoris and others at vaginal wall and g-spot. Each surgical procedure has variable outcomes and is done with different techniques. But each offers results to improve the normal vaginal function and structure.

Normally a diameter dilator is used to dilate the vaginal canal and the surgical procedure is performed with the help of internal focusing cameras. The skin graft that is required to line the vaginal surface is often obtained from amniotic membranes or buccal mucosa.

The critical factor for Vaginoplasty is an honest advice from the surgeon. Sometimes women want to explore the best and ideal genital parts and for which they are willing to take any risk. But it’s the surgeon who eventually decides I the wish of the lady can be fulfilled. There are many ethical and moral grounds in Vaginoplasty that need to be taken care of. Only a professional advice can lead you to a safer Vaginoplasty with maximum efficiency.

Risks Involved:

The efficiency of Vaginoplasty in offering the best results to the women has not been tracked yet. Moreover, the set of cosmetic surgeries that pioneered the Vaginoplasty, have variable procedures each established by a surgeon without writing a thorough literature review of the technique. After the procedure, infections and permanent variability in sensation are the common troubles.

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